The Little Tibet
Ladakh region in northern India, a peculiar region at the heart of the Indian Himalayas, with a very special mixture of ethnic groups, religions and cultures, including shittie Muslims, Hindus, Gujjarat nomadic tribes, and among these lives a minority of Buddhist of Tibetan descent, whose ancestors have escaped the Tibet a long time ago due to Chinese prosecution to establish a new Tibetan society at the Zanskar valley surrounded by the Zanskar mountain range, which pretty much reminds them of their homeland. As someone from the Middle East, which is a totally different world, I have always been fascinated with the mysterious Tibetan culture with all its secrets and profound spirituality, which has been based mainly on what I've been told via the different kinds of media. I went there bearing this in mind, expecting to experience spiritual revelation and self discovery, or may be come across one these Buddhist monks who "fly in the air" or "disappear" suddenly into nowhere. But, I found that all these are just a stereotype like all the other stereotypes we have for "each other", indeed they are very spiritual, very humble and holding strongly to their identity and culture, but they are just "normal" human beings, struggling to earn their living and insure a better future for their children.

Mahmoud Yakut © 2013

Mahmoud Yakut