Parallel Worlds
This an ongoing project to document and compare the life of people on both sides of the Nile River; in "Bahir Dar" in Ethiopia where the Blue Nile begins and in "Rosetta" in Egypt where it reaches its final destination ending at the Mediterranean sea. Despite the long distance that separates the people living in these 2 places, there are many striking similarities between their ways of living, their homes, their simple life and profound spirituality. The only logic connection between them was that mysterious river that starts as a profoundly Christian river and ends as a profoundly Muslim river. A river that had always been a transition and a connection between Africa and the ancient Egyptian and Roman civilizations, then the Arab and Muslim world.

Amid the political instability and dispute between Egypt and Ethiopia regarding the water of the Nile and the planned "Renaissance" dam that is being built currently in Ethiopia, this project comes not only as a documentation of these isolated societies but also as a trial to draw attention to our common "human identity" shown in these two groups of people who live peacefully on both sides of the dispute.

The project focuses on two main families, the family of Mr. Rizk in Rosetta (Egypt) and the family of Mr. Indalo in "Bahir Dar" (Ethiopia), their environment, their identity and the most things they cherish in life.

Mahmoud Yakut © 2013

Mahmoud Yakut