Mahmoud Yakut

Mahmoud Yakut © 2013

The River
The old harbor in Al-Shajara town, south of Khartoum is a small "world" inside Khartoum city, as it is an isolated place, a bit far from the city momentum. Actually, it is just a stripe of land along the Nile river where one can only find trees, grass, old ships wrecks, fishermen fishing in small groups using manually-made tools and Earth-worms they get with their hands from the soil under them as fishing-bait, people bathing, young people playing and having fun, families sitting with their children and enjoying the beauty of the scene. All of them came for the the Nile river, but for different reasosns. But the most surprising thing I saw there is people taking their vehicles and horses inside the river, joyfuly and carefully waching it and bathing at the same time, as if these vehicles or horses are one of their children or a family member that they care for and spend leasure time with, then after they are done they simply get inside these vehicles or on the horses and leave, as if it is a part of their daily routine.