Al-Giraif town, south east of Khartoum city, is one of the few remaining places in Sudan and in the world where bricks are made manually from pure natural clay, which is brought directly from the banks of the Nile to be laid down manually in molds without any machinery or added chemicals. Endless hills of pure clay, that one can tell immediately how fertile and rich it is from its colour and texture, that leaves you with this ambiguous feeling of connection and belonging to Earth. The people of Al-Giraif stack their molded bricks in endless rows and leave it to dry under the sun. Looking at these people standing among or within the piles of clay, with their hands and feet submerged within it, it may be hard for an instance to differentiate them from the clay, as if they and the clay are one entity, or as if they where created or resurrected from these piles. Even, during their rest, they use the rows bricks as chairs or bed to rest on... there is simly nothing but mud and bricks.

Mahmoud Yakut

Mahmoud Yakut © 2013

United with Clay