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The main tributary of the Nile river, the Blue Nile, begins its journey in Bahir Dar in Ethiopia, a conservative traditional small town, where the partly untouched ancient christian orthodox traditions constitute a fundamental constituent of life in this part of the world at the heart of Africa. The Nile river takes on its to the north carrying this magical mixture of tribal african and christian atmospheres with it, slowly taking on a different color. The river merges with its other tributary in the sudanese capital Khartoum. Here again a partly untouched ancient heritage, but one component differs. In a region not only known for its partly untouched and strongly by african tribalism influenced tradition but also by the strong influence of islamic Sufism. A magical sometimes unimmaginable mix, men dressed in colorful tribal costumes, carrying sowrds and performing sufi rituals. A  transition between the African world and the Arabic Islamic world in North Africa. The river completes its journey ending up as a completely "muslim" river in the mediteranian sea in Rosetta (Egypt). Three different parallel worlds, sharing the same resources almost unaware of each other, yet with stricking similarities and unbreakable bonds with the Nile river.  

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